Advancing Conservative Values Through




Our founding fathers gave us a republic, a government; by, for, and of “we the people.”  In order for America to reap the blessings of self-governance and to be the greatest country ever, we must take an active role as citizens.  That active role means ENGAGEMENT.  We want to not only take our country back, but make it better than ever before.  We can do that if we all get engaged.


In order to effectively engage the issues of our times and fight the good fight, we must train and equip ourselves.  No army goes to war without training and neither should we.  ETC is dedicated to TRAINING and educating its members to equip them for the work of at hand.  We are also dedicated to educating our elected officials and other representatives concerning issues impacting the conservative cause.


As a conservative, you love God, country and your community.  When conservatives come together with like-minded patriots, we find comfort, strength, common purpose and COMMUNITY.  ETC is committed to developing deep relationships among our members and those of fellow conservative groups and organizations.As 

Develop Relationships Among Individual Conservatives & Organizations


One of the greatest blessings associated with living in East Tennessee is that there are so many patriotic, Christ-centered, conservatives who call this wonderful region home.  Key to advancing conservative values is to motivate these multitudes of America-loving citizens to get involved in self-governance.  ETC is dedicated to building a real community among us conservatives.  We’re doing this through hosting regular gatherings amongst ETC members, while encouraging others to join us.  We are also actively joining forces with other like-minded conservative groups because together, we become a mighty force for advancing conservative values.

Promote Election Integrity

If we don’t have transparent, fair and trusted elections, we lose the country our founding fathers built and for which previous generations of Americans have fought and died to preserve.  Accordingly, ETC promotes election integrity legislation, participates in election integrity  strategy with conservatives throughout the state, and provides training through guest speakers and events.

Educate ETC


Because ETC is comprised of very active people of all ages, living in several counties, schedules sometimes impact their ability to attend our regularly scheduled meetings.  We are expanding our outreach with our new website, by partnering  with other conservative organizations, hosting informative guest speakers,  and  growing our community at festivals and fairs.

Increase Voter Turnout Through Community Outreach and Education

A priority action item for ETC is to encourage  conservatives throughout  Tennessee to participate in protecting our God-given  and constitutional  rights. We will do this by educating and equipping fellow conservatives  with the tools to hold our officials  accountable and to resist and reverse the changes brought on by the Left.

Identify and support conservative candidates


Historically, conservatives have been so certain their communities will never change that they’ve become complacent. Like the frog in the pot of boiling water, evil has infiltrated so slowly and subtly that we aren’t aware of it until it’s happened, and we don’t even know how we got here. For instance, in recent months the presence of pornographic books in our public and school libraries has come to light. Most didn’t even know about it.  But because people are speaking up and holding school boards accountable, this is changing.

Make America’s Schools Great Again & Engage and Support Young Conservatives


In increasing numbers, conservatives are attending and speaking up at school board meetings. Parents and grandparents  are becoming actively involved in their children’s education and curriculum  standards.


ETC,  in conjunction with Heritage High School in Maryville,  is excited to launch our first East Tennessee  Young Conservatives club   this fall. Our nation’s future depends on  educating and involving  our young people in  all levels government. These students will be voters in the next election. We want them to be informed and equipped with  the truth.

Support Veterans, Military, LE, & First Responders


How do we support these dedicated servants?


First, as a community we must, with honor and respect, publicly hold up our Veterans, Law Enforcement, and First Responders.  Civics and factual history must be returned to our school classrooms.   Veterans, Law Enforcement, and our First Responders should be speaking to students at all grade levels to promote awareness, respect, and build relationships. 


ETC is working with organizations that currently or soon will provide mental health and quality of life assistance to those suffering from PTSD.  Lastly, perhaps the best support ETC can provide to our Veterans, Law Enforcement,  and  First Responders is to invite these service-minded warriors to join us and engage the battle.  Our nation is under attack.  We are at war – a war between good and evil.  We need these warriors on this battlefield.  And warriors NEED to engage.  It’s how they are wired.  It’s fulfilling to be a part of something greater than ourselves.

Advance conservative ideals


ETC advances conservative ideals through engagement, training, and community.


We engage fellow conservatives as we discuss issues and how to address them.


We train members so they will be informed, and then we equip them  with the tools to be effective  in real change.


We promote community with our social events and by attending conservative  functions. We work together more effectively  when we have relationship. Besides,  some of the best friends you’ll ever have make are East Tennessee  Conservatives!