About East Tennessee Conservatives

Advancing Conservative Values in East Tennessee


East Tennessee Conservatives is a grassroots organization that seeks to promote conservative values, the Constitution, and to empower men and women in the East Tennessee region. We host a series of events, such as public speaking events, seminars, and political campaigns, to ensure that we are helping our community and advocating for conservative principles. Our goal is to ensure that our communities are strong and our values are respected. Join us and help make a difference.

!!!!! DISCLAIMER !!!!!

There has been some confusion recently about our connection with East Tennessee Conservatives PAC, which has been in the news in the Tri Cities area. We have nothing to do with this PAC; we are a grassroots organization. I encourage anyone who wants clairification to call the Tennessee Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance, where they can answer your questions and provide documentation that we have nothing to do with the PAC and have no liability for anything the PAC does.

Birth of East Tennessee Conservatives

East Tennessee Conservatives was born of a desire to preserve the Christian, conservative values of the communities of East Tennessee. So many like-minded people have joined us in taking action to  make a difference in: election  integrity; identifying and supporting conservative candidates for all levels of government; developing relationships with our elected officials to encourage accountability; promoting school choice and American Classical Education  in our public schools; and protecting  our children against  woke ideology.

Vision for Advancing ETC’s Core Values and Purposes


Our vision for ETC is to encourage conservatives throughout Tennessee to participate in protecting our God-given and Constitutional rights. We will do this by educating and equipping fellow conservatives with the tools to hold our officials accountable and to resist and reverse the changes brought on by the Left.

Why have so many states, counties, cities drifted toward more liberal directions and rarely the other way around?

Historically, many conservatives have been so certain their communities will never change that they’ve become complacent. Like the proverbial frog in the pot of boiling water, evil has infiltrated slowly and subtly.


How do we advance our Christian conservative values in East Tennessee?


By doing exactly what we are doing — connecting with the multitudes of conservatives and standing up united! Everyone can do something, and together, that adds up to a lot. Whether you’re attending county commissioner or school board meetings; running for local office; or calling your elected officials to praise or correct them, you’re making a difference.  Election integrity is also at the forefront of all future success. We are fighting for paper ballots, one day voting, and hand counts — no more machines!